Where In the World Is Ardent Goblin?

Hello Cyberfriends, it’s been a while.

Like most families right now, the Goblin family has been hit hard by this economy. I’ve had to put my dreams and this website on the back burner and take on a second job to try to make ends meet.

I miss creating content, but as a wise friend of mine has said, this is just a season of life. It’s not forever. While my dreams of game development and blogging are once again on pause, I’m still not giving up.

Ardent may be taking a pause, but I’ll be back, stronger than ever. My content may change a bit during this time, as I’ll be writing content relevant to the Goblin family in the hopes it’ll help other young families just trying to make it in this world.

Even though we have to push pause on our dreams to hit reality head on, we’re not giving up. So, dear Cyberfriends, if you’re finding yourself in a similar situation just remember that life is full of different seasons and this too will pass. We’ll get through the rough spots and come out on the other side with new insight and mental resilience. We’ve got this.

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