Where Do I Even Start?

I’ll be the first to admit that my biggest weaknesses is making a decision. When choosing to dive into teaching myself to code, my head was swimming trying to figure out what language to even start with. Python? Swift? C++? C#? What the heck is Ruby? Do I start with one that will land me a dev job or do I start with one that will help me chase my dream of creating games?

To be totally honest dear cyber friends, I still don’t totally know. At first, I went with one that would help me chase my dreams, but then inflation hit and bills piled up. I’ve dabbled a little in most of them, but I know I’m nowhere near being an expert at anything. Mediocre at best seems to be my motto. In some ways, I feel like I’m just as clueless as when I started.

That’s my next giant step in my journey, picking a language and seeing it through enough to at least start building a portfolio, be it a prolific game portfolio or a portfolio that’s more respectable to the corporate world. The Achilles heel to any dreamer going for what they want most is the cold arrow head of reality.

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