What the Goblin?

Last weekend, amidst a crazy morning of a 6:00 AM wakeup, BBQ prepping, rage cleaning, and a small mental breakdown, a friend rescued me from Rage Goblin brain by insisting on going for a quick cup of coffee before the husband and kids woke up. Purely by accident, she had left her water bottle on my couch while waiting for me to find my shoes. This was not discovered until sometime after we had gotten home, when Baby Goblin was showing me his new “toy”. I laughed, sent her a picture, and she came back. Thankfully, we’re practically neighbors. We were about to learn together about toddler impersonations.

Baby Goblin was so excited to see mama’s friend that he was running around bringing her toys and screeching as baby goblins are wont to do. Out of nowhere, he starts lifting both arms over his head and limping.

Confused, I watch him a little closer as he runs up and down the hallway. “Raaaaaah!” he whisper yells, kicking his foot out in front of him. My friend chortles, asking him if he’s found a fun way to move around.

It wasn’t until he ran up to her and did it that it finally clicked. My little goblin was pretending to be a dinosaur, roars and all. Mama’s heart was so proud, but her bladder almost couldn’t handle laughing so much.

Remember cyber friends, your little one’s eyes are watching, even when you’re stomping around like a t-rex roaring to entertain them, and they will mimic you at the least expected time.

2 thoughts on “What the Goblin?

  1. I can picture Baby Goblin’s little stomps and rawrs! So amazing to see the mimicry already 🥰

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