10 Python Programming Projects for Beginners

Are you new to Python programming and looking for exciting projects to enhance your skills and build your portfolio? Look no further! Today, we’ll explore 10 beginner-friendly Python programming projects that are not only educational but also fun to work on. Whether you’re learning Python as your first programming language or expanding your coding repertoire, […]

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Cracking the Code: How to Prepare for a Programming Interview

Programming interviews can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out. However, with a bit of preparation, you can increase your chances of success and land your dream job. Today, we will discuss what to expect during a programming interview and provide tips on how to prepare for it. First and foremost, it’s important to […]

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Baby on the Brain

Hello Cyberfriends, When I started this journey, I was working full time and struggling to find time for anything. We saved up enough for me to be able to take an extended period of time off so that I can spend more time with Baby Goblin and working towards my dreams. The not so funny […]

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Confession Time

Hello Cyberfriends, It’s time to get vulnerable. Uncomfortable. It’s time to get real. My real biggest hurdle is myself. I know, I know. You’re sitting there thinking, “Really Ardent? I come here for tech stuff and cute stories about Baby Goblin, I don’t need a self help novel.” Which is fine, because that’s my normal […]

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HTML: A Side Quest

Hello Cyberfriends, In a previous post, I talked about not knowing where to start. While that’s still true, I’ve come to realize that all languages are beneficial in any coding career. Can I tell you guys a secret though? I’m having just as much fun writing these post for you guys as I am developing […]

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Where Do I Even Start?

I’ll be the first to admit that my biggest weaknesses is making a decision. When choosing to dive into teaching myself to code, my head was swimming trying to figure out what language to even start with. Python? Swift? C++? C#? What the heck is Ruby? Do I start with one that will land me […]

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