Breaking the Stereotype: The Joy of Being a Mom in IT

Hello Cyberfriends. In my journey I’ve found that being a mom in IT can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Today, we’ll explore some of the unique experiences and insights that come with balancing a career in technology with the demands of motherhood. First and foremost, being a mom in the IT […]

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Baby on the Brain

Hello Cyberfriends, When I started this journey, I was working full time and struggling to find time for anything. We saved up enough for me to be able to take an extended period of time off so that I can spend more time with Baby Goblin and working towards my dreams. The not so funny […]

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Baby Goblin Stories

Hello Cyberfriends, it brings me great joy to announce that Baby Goblin is discovering and falling in love with books. His father and I are avid readers, and we look forward to our little goblin getting lost in stories the way we did back in the day when dragons still graced the realm. Together, we […]

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Where Do I Even Start?

I’ll be the first to admit that my biggest weaknesses is making a decision. When choosing to dive into teaching myself to code, my head was swimming trying to figure out what language to even start with. Python? Swift? C++? C#? What the heck is Ruby? Do I start with one that will land me […]

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