Pressing Pause: Enjoying Life’s Beautiful Moments

Hello Cyberfriends, I know it’s a cliché notion, but I find myself wishing that there was a pause button on life. It’ll come at the most random times, when Mr. Goblin is laughing at one of my really bad jokes (and I know he’s only laughing because he loves me), when Baby goblin is giggling […]

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Another Message from Baby Goblin: Teething Toddler Edition

Hello Cyberfriends, Baby Goblin has another message to share. He’s cutting 6 teeth at once! Baby Goblin is growing up fast. Here’s what our favorite teething toddler has to say: “Iu’ytrdeswrtyhgfds[p4 hj,./ fjvhs,kf fdvbabdngwrhhgghtbrfvedc\\ //.z6m6h666660ooooooooooi/l9.nhtttttttttttttttt888[,jiugjg=ih/fgskfaf9h “ He also left some drool behind on my keyboard and tried to share his apple juice with my laptop. […]

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What the Goblin?

Last weekend, amidst a crazy morning of a 6:00 AM wakeup, BBQ prepping, rage cleaning, and a small mental breakdown, a friend rescued me from Rage Goblin brain by insisting on going for a quick cup of coffee before the husband and kids woke up. Purely by accident, she had left her water bottle on […]

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Where Do I Even Start?

I’ll be the first to admit that my biggest weaknesses is making a decision. When choosing to dive into teaching myself to code, my head was swimming trying to figure out what language to even start with. Python? Swift? C++? C#? What the heck is Ruby? Do I start with one that will land me […]

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Punctuation is Key

Every developer wishes for bug free code, but the reality is bugs happen. Early on, a super simple bug nearly crashed my prototype into the ground before it could take off. Or should I say, skyrocketed my prototype into the vast unknown with no way of knowing how to stop it? Either way, I learned […]

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