Side Quest: HTML Nugget of Wisdom

Hello Cyberfriends,

I heard something in my online class today that really changed the way I saw HTML and wanted to share it.

Instead of thinking of HTML as a framework for CSS and JavaScript, HTML is so much more. Using HTML to its fullest is crucial for ADA compliance. So while yeah, in theory you could just use it for the basic framework and let the other two do the rest, it is so important for inclusivity to really know your stuff.

Call it naivety or a weird belief that HTML was boring and meh at best, but I found this relationship between HTML and screen readers to be absolutely mind blowing.

While to any experienced web developer this was probably a no brainer, coming from a backend and database role it was something I had never really stopped to consider. With SQL, I was just pulling data I needed to either show the results of a bug or advocate for a process or software improvement. I never had to worry about anyone but myself understanding my queries as long as the results pulled what I needed.

A long time ago, I heard that reading, watching, and listening to things about what you’re wanting to learn are all well and good, but to make sure you stop and give yourself a minute to really absorb anything that resonates with you or challenges your previous notions.

That’s my challenge to you today Cyberfriends, be on the lookout for a small nugget of wisdom that either gives you pause or challenges any previous conceptions and we’ll expand our minds and horizons together. Feel free to drop the nuggets you pick up in the comments, I’d love to see what everyone learned today.

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