A Mindset Shift: Making Messes vs Making Memories

Hello Cyberfriends. This may be Goblin brain talking, but I’m finding myself in a mindset shift. Things that would’ve bothered the absolute goblin out of me now make me smile and shake my head. Let me explain.

One of my most cherished gifts I received when Mr Goblin and I got married was a quilt made by a family member. It’s absolutely beautiful, and made with love in every stitch.

Baby Goblin did as Baby Goblins do and spilled on it, right on the white borders. Mr Goblin brought it to my attention after it didn’t wash out like we had hoped it would. In the past, I would’ve jumped into action, desperately afraid of ruining it but this time, I just laughed and said I’d spot treat it in the morning.

Maybe I’m losing it, but the way I explained it to Mr Goblin when my response was met with obvious confusion is that someday, while we’ll forget the exact circumstances of that stain, it’ll be a memory of Baby’s toddler years and how he grew up with that quilt. It’s been the family quilt we all use when watching movies, reading books, and playing games. It’s a stain now, but it’s evidence that Baby is growing up with it.

I found myself thinking similar things when we were house hunting. I’d catch things in photos like a height chart, and smile to myself thinking that a family grew up in that home, and it’s full of memories.

I haven’t lost my mind too much dear Cyberfriends. Don’t worry about that!

Baby and I were having coloring time the other day and he took off with the crayons towards the wall and I stopped that before it could start. Now, he’s only allowed to color at the table when he’s buckled into his booster seat.

A few days before that Baby was enjoying his favorite snack and used my shoulder as a napkin. I waited until snack time was done and tossed both our shirts straight in the wash and changed us both into clean ones. He’s still so young and he’s still learning so much every day.

We’re working on preventing the messes, but in the meantime life is too short, and babies grow up way too fast to worry about a stain on a quilt. If it doesn’t come out after the spot treatments, then it’s just a sign that quilt is very well loved.

Fellow parents, what were some of your stained quilt moments?

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