Inspired by Snakes: Learning Python

Hello Cyberfriends, I know I was pretty quiet last week. I was busy wrapping up my intro to HTML course and learning Python basics while Baby napped. There were a few naps of my own sprinkled in for fun.

I’ve learned that front end web development isn’t really my cup of tea. Mr. Goblin absolutely loves it, but I like back end systems and data analysis so much more than front end.

Here are my unsolicited thoughts with Python. It has been surprisingly easy to grasp, and maybe my brain is just wired in a weird way, but it’s similar enough to C# that the basics clicked pretty quickly in comparison to when I was learning SQL. My nerdy little heart is happy knowing that as a language, Python can be used for a myriad of things. It’s great for a few basic games and data science. Both of which are things that I love doing.

Learning a new language takes time. Some big to me things are in the works, and I look forward to the day they’re ready for you to see. They aren’t fancy, and they won’t top any charts by any means, but they’re a step towards watching my dreams come true.

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