Goblin-Frendly Bedtime Routines

Hey there, fellow goblin parents! Are you tired of battling bedtime chaos every night? Do your little goblins turn into wild creatures as soon as the moon rises? Fear not, because today we’re diving into the mystical world of goblin-friendly bedtime routines! With a sprinkle of magic and a dash of patience, we’ll help you establish peaceful nights filled with restful sleep for your mischievous little ones.

Setting the stage

Creating a serene sleep environment is crucial for goblins. Start by transforming their bedrooms into enchanting sanctuaries. Hang fairy lights or use a dim night light to cast a soft glow, banishing any lurking monsters. Opt for cozy blankets and pillows, making the bed a snuggly haven for your little goblin to unwind. Note, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend adding blankets and pillows until a certain age, so please be sure to follow the safe sleep guidelines if your little goblin is still a baby goblin.

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If your little goblin has not leveled up to sleeping with blankets and pillows yet, consider instead creating a peaceful environment through action. Let their bedroom be only for nap and sleep time. Get in the habit of making it a “quiet zone” by speaking in a softer voice whenever you’re in that room. Consider safe room darkening options, and look into noise machines. My little goblin has noise machine that plays Braham’s Lullaby and doubles as a nightlight by casting stars on the ceiling. Speaking of lullabies, let’s look at the next tip.

Goblin Lullabies

Music holds a special power over many creatures and goblins are no exception. Singing lullabies or playing soothing tunes can be a magical way to ease them into slumberland. Studies have shown that music can improve sleep quality in all ages. You don’t have to be a professional goblin singer to serenade your little ones. Simply hum a gentle melody or create silly lyrics to favorite tunes. Before you know it, they’ll be dancing with dreams.

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While pregnant with baby Goblin, I had a specific musical playing in my mind for the better part of 9 months. You could definitely say I was obsessed. I sang and hummed the soundtrack daily and watched it at least once a week until he was born. To this day, singing those songs will soothe him on even the roughest nights. Whatever songs you choose, be sure that the tempo is slow and the melody is soothing rather than exciting.

Magical Baths

Goblins love a good splash! A warm bath infused with lavender-scented bubbles can work wonders for a goblin-friendly bedtime routine. Studies have shown that aromatherapy can help relax and reduce stress. For little goblins with sensitive skin, regular bubbles with their typical baby shampoo works just fine. Bath time helps relax their energetic spirits while adding an element of fun to their bedtime routine.

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Be prepared for a splash battle or two, but remember to keep it safe and avoid turning your bathroom into a waterlogged dungeon! Bath toys are a great way to help keep it fun, but remember to make sure they toys stay clean. We prefer to avoid any toys that have holes that let water in to reduce the risk of mildew building up inside.

Nighttime Gadget Banishment

Goblins can easily become captivated by the glow of screens, making it difficult for them to switch off their minds. Banish all screens from their sleep chambers an hour before bedtime. Instead, introduce them to the magic of storybooks or engage in calming activities like coloring or building puzzles together. This will help their minds and bodies prepare for a peaceful night’s sleep. It also helps to lay the foundation for a lifelong love of reading, stories, and creativity. (If you’re interested in raising a little reader, check this out!)

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There’s a reason that bedtime stories have stood the test of time. They have been integrated into generations of goblin-friendly bedtime routines. For older goblins, journaling before bed is a great habit to start. Allowing your little one to get their goblin thoughts out while reflecting on the day is a great screen-free way to provide an emotional outlet and prepare their minds for the journey to dreamland.

And there you have it, fellow goblin parents! By following these goblin-friendly bedtime routines, you’ll pave the way for peaceful nights and restful sleep for your little creatures. Remember, consistency and a sprinkle of fun are the keys to success. Embrace the magic, adapt the routines to suit your goblin’s personality, and watch as they drift off to dreamland, leaving behind a trail of mischief and sweet dreams. Sleep tight, goblins!

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