Elevator Dancing: A Goblin Tale

Hello Cyberfriends, some days, goblin brain just takes over. On those days, it’s great to have friends who also have a touch of the goblin brain. Last week was full of those days.

It began during my morning workout, when Goblin brain was begging for me to dance between sets to the now vintage songs from my childhood. Hours later at work, my husband and I turned to look at each other in the silent elevator and I started singing a song that’s been trending on the clock app. Something about having to give your dog dairy products every time you cook with them. I busted out my signature crab arm dance and without question my husband joined in. An energy drink in each hand and a breakfast burrito in my jacket pocket, I danced without shame singing that horrid song at the top of my lungs, nearly forgetting both the security cameras in the elevator and to get off at my floor.

With a giggle and a grin, I got off the elevator and said goodbye for now to my husband, grateful that he loves my goblin brain.

If you know me in real life, and you happen to be on the security team in my place of employment, and you happened to see that on the cameras, I’m only sorry that you couldn’t join in the elevator dance party.

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