Pressing Pause: Enjoying Life’s Beautiful Moments

Hello Cyberfriends, I know it’s a cliché notion, but I find myself wishing that there was a pause button on life. It’ll come at the most random times, when Mr. Goblin is laughing at one of my really bad jokes (and I know he’s only laughing because he loves me), when Baby goblin is giggling […]

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Baby on the Brain

Hello Cyberfriends, When I started this journey, I was working full time and struggling to find time for anything. We saved up enough for me to be able to take an extended period of time off so that I can spend more time with Baby Goblin and working towards my dreams. The not so funny […]

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Confession Time

Hello Cyberfriends, It’s time to get vulnerable. Uncomfortable. It’s time to get real. My real biggest hurdle is myself. I know, I know. You’re sitting there thinking, “Really Ardent? I come here for tech stuff and cute stories about Baby Goblin, I don’t need a self help novel.” Which is fine, because that’s my normal […]

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Another Message from Baby Goblin: Teething Toddler Edition

Hello Cyberfriends, Baby Goblin has another message to share. He’s cutting 6 teeth at once! Baby Goblin is growing up fast. Here’s what our favorite teething toddler has to say: “Iu’ytrdeswrtyhgfds[p4 hj,./ fjvhs,kf fdvbabdngwrhhgghtbrfvedc\\ //.z6m6h666660ooooooooooi/l9.nhtttttttttttttttt888[,jiugjg=ih/fgskfaf9h “ He also left some drool behind on my keyboard and tried to share his apple juice with my laptop. […]

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Baby Goblin Stories

Hello Cyberfriends, it brings me great joy to announce that Baby Goblin is discovering and falling in love with books. His father and I are avid readers, and we look forward to our little goblin getting lost in stories the way we did back in the day when dragons still graced the realm. Together, we […]

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What the Goblin?

Last weekend, amidst a crazy morning of a 6:00 AM wakeup, BBQ prepping, rage cleaning, and a small mental breakdown, a friend rescued me from Rage Goblin brain by insisting on going for a quick cup of coffee before the husband and kids woke up. Purely by accident, she had left her water bottle on […]

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A Message from Baby Goblin

As I sat here working on posts for you, my lovely cyber friends, Baby Goblin insisted on sharing the following sentiment, “fdv g hth cknb bvb m uiHSDAUEHWV WHUJVFh;i alskdjfh hakdsjhf” He was babbling and giggling, so as expert Baby Goblin translator, I believe it means, “Hello mama’s readers! I am Baby Goblin and I […]

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