Baby on the Brain

Hello Cyberfriends,

When I started this journey, I was working full time and struggling to find time for anything. We saved up enough for me to be able to take an extended period of time off so that I can spend more time with Baby Goblin and working towards my dreams.

The not so funny thing about that has been that I somehow have about the same amount of time to work on my games as when I was working full time.

I have no regrets, I’m getting to spend priceless time with Baby G that I never would’ve gotten. My days are filled with grins and giggles from my favorite toddler and I have spent more time with him in the last few weeks than I’ve been able to have since returning to work after maternity leave.

I’ve gotten to play and learn with him which I never thought I’d be able to do.

While in some ways I’m on the time crunch dictated by my savings to further my education and hopefully launch the game I’ve been working on, it seems trivial in comparison with the memories I’m making with Baby.

My little love, my Baby Goblin probably won’t remember these days, but he is helping me learn way beyond what I ever could have about everything from priorities, imagination and being true to your goblin self without a care in the world regarding the opinion of others.

This post didn’t really have a point in the beginning, but the takeaway from the ramblings of this sentimental mama goblin is to not let yourself get so caught up in a to do list to stop and enjoy the little moments and find the beauty in as many things as you can.

What’s made you smile today? Let me know in the comments!

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