Baby Goblin Stories

Hello Cyberfriends, it brings me great joy to announce that Baby Goblin is discovering and falling in love with books. His father and I are avid readers, and we look forward to our little goblin getting lost in stories the way we did back in the day when dragons still graced the realm.

Together, we must have read the same story to Baby Goblin over one hundred times in the last week. We don’t purposefully sit down for reading time, but we let Baby discover his little bookshelf with his books and bring them to us organically. I know that this isn’t how a lot of families broached the book topic, but it’s worked for us. Bedtime stories despite our best efforts did not go the way we had hoped, they just wound him up instead of helping him to relax. Baby Goblin is almost violently independent, so even still at under two years old, letting when and where to read his books be his choice is hopefully helping him grow to love them vs see story time as a bore.

I won’t name names, but he is obsessed with one specific book that is brightly colored, rhymes, and has amazing sensory integration.

Several times an hour, Baby will grab his book, toddle up to me, and thrust it into my hands before climbing into my lap and babbling at me to read it. I’ve memorized it at this point, but true to my goblin brain I add in voices and emphasize inflection and make sure to give him time to interact with the textured illustrations. I never thought I’d still have the patience to read the same story a thousand and one times, but here I am with a heart full of joy and as big of a grin as Baby. Baby Goblin Stories are my favorite stories. I can’t wait to see what stories continue to bring him joy as he learns and grows.

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